DC-DC Boost Buck Converter Module ( LM2596 LM2577 )

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  • Input Voltage: 4-35V
  • Output voltage: Continuously adjustable(1.25-25V unload adjust)
  • Output current: Max 3A(If more than 15W, please install the heat sink)
  • Revolving light current: CC value * (1%-100%), default is 0.1 times
  • Minimum voltage gap: 2V
  • Output power: natural cooling 15W
  • Conversion efficiency: 80% (the higher the output voltage, the higher the efficiency)
  • Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40 °C to +85 °C) (ambient temperature of more than 40°C, lower power use, or add heat sink)
  • Full load temperature rise: 45 °C
  • Indicator: CC indicator is Red, charging indicator is Red, charging completed the indicator is Blue.
  • Output short circuit protection: Yes, constant current.
  • Connect method: Can solder on the PCB with the wire directly
  • Input: IN+ input Positive is, IN- input negative
  • Output: OUT+ output is positive, OUT- output negative
  • Module Size: 50 x 37 x 13mm

Some Applications

  • High-power LED constant current driver.
  • Lithium batteries (including ferroelectric), 4V, 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charging, nickel-cadmium nickel-metal hydride batteries (battery) charge.
  • Solar panels, wind generator voltage regulator circuit board power supply, such as automatic buck regulator circuit.
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