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  • Panasonic NI-317T Electric Iron.
  • 1.000w Power/140v Voltage.
  • Non-Stick Coating Soleplate.
  • Steel Type Base Plate.
  • Light Weight (0.9kg)
  • Orange, Green, Red color handle.
  • Wide Heel Rest And Sheathed Heater.
  • Made In Malaysia.

Product Description

A Panasonic NI-317T Electric Iron, also known as a flatiron or simply an steel, is a small hand-held equipment with a handle having a flat, approximately triangular in shape surface that, when warmed, is used to media outfits to get rid of wrinkles. Panasonic NI-317T Electric Iron is known as for the steel of which the device is generally made, and the use of it is generally known as pressing. Ironing works by helping to release the connections between the long stores of elements that are available in plastic fibers components. With the heat and the weight of the pressing dish, the materials are expanded and the information preserves its new shape when cool. Some components, such as pure cotton, require the use of water to release the inter-molecular connections. Many components developed in the 20th millennium are promoted as requiring little or no pressing.

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