XH-M452 DC 12V LED Dual Digital Temperature Humidity Controller Independent Output 10A Relay Control Thermostat +Probe

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Product description

1. DC 12V XH-M452 temperature and humidity controller module, digital display high precision dual output automatic constant temperature and humidity control board.
2. There is heating and cooling humidification dehumidification mode setting.
3. Easy to operate and easy to install, no installation instruction required.
4. Built to strict quality standard, corrosion-resistant and dust-proof.
5. Excellent quality with stable and powerful performance.

Supply Voltage: DC12V
Temperature Range: -40-60℃
Humidity Range: 00%-100%RH
Control Accuracy: 0.1℃, 0.1% RH
Detection Probe: Integrated Sensor
Output Type: Relay Output
Output Capacity: Up to 10 A.

Package List:
1 x Temperature Humidity Control Module 452

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